Saturday, 21 April 2012

Some New Ubuntu Wallpapers

Hey guys,

I recently saw a post on OMG! Ubuntu about creating custom wallpapers for Unity that make it look a little cooler. Basically you set you panel and launcher to 100% opacity and then create a wallpaper with a 'banner' on the top and left hand side that colour in the launcher and panel. This simple design has a really nice effect.

Anyway, I also dabble in artwork (very basic stuff) and decided to have a try at making my own version of one of these wallpapers. Seeing a lot of 'Keep calm & carry on' type artwork around, I thought I would create a wallpaper that is like this. So I created one that says 'Keep Calm and run Ubuntu'. I have created the wallpaper in varying colours (all official Ubuntu colours), varying sizes and some 'normal' wallpapers that don't have the panel and launcher fills on them. I've already posted them on my Google+ page to which they are receiving a lot of love so I thought I would post them here so you guys can take a look. If you like them please feel free too leave a comment. Here is a preview and the download link:

These wallpapers assume that your launcher size is 38px

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