Friday, 4 November 2011

Who Said You Can't Customise Unity?

Hi Guys,

I've been using Ubuntu for around 2 years now but I have mostly used Pinguy OS, an Ubuntu derivative. My girlfriend has been using Unity on her Laptop since the Natty release so I have used it a little when I have been on her laptop. This time around I decided to give Ubuntu a whirl on it's own.

Like most people who use Linux, I like to customise my desktop to make it my own. There have been a lot of people saying that Unity is very difficult to customise unlike Gnome 2 but after some playing around I think I have made my desktop my own. I love the colour blue as you can see from my desktop :)

For those that don't know I've added a screen shot of what the original Ubuntu 11.10 desktop looks like.

Original Desktop:

My Desktop:

As you can see, my desktop is personalised quite a lot and pretty unique I think. I personally love it. For those who want to know I am using the AwOken icon theme, Blubird GTK theme and I have my panels completely transparent & reduced the panel icon size by using the CCSM Unity tools...very simple but very effective.


  1. In gnome2 you could add more panels, drag and drop an image to a panel to make it its background, add many applets to the panel, move them around, customize the main menu with alacarte, change fonts easily (without 3rd party software), you could deeply customize your themes.
    Customization it's too crippled as it is now =/

  2. Thanks for posting Daniel. Whilst I agree that Gnome2 was/is far more customisable than Unity, I feel that this is a good start and a step in the right direction. For me personally, the Jury is still out on Unity as there are parts I love and parts I I said though, a good start!

  3. too many options usually overwhelm me. I even like MyUnity over the good-old Compiz manager. Thumb up for the great desktop, jing. What does your desktop look like now? This post is already 5 months old.


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