Thursday, 27 October 2011

Google+ Is Finally Available For Google Apps Users

Hi guys,

If any of you are like me then you use Google Apps, those of you that aren't on it then let me give you a bit on information about Google Apps. Google Apps comes in 2 versions, standard and premium this is basically a customised gmail environment that allows you to have your own domain (e.g. The company I work for actually use google apps for their business and it's very good.

The standard version allows you to have up to 10 mailboxes for free with 8GB of storage each and the paid for premium version gives you 25GB of storage per mailbox and is not limited to the number of users you can have. This costs $33 per year per mailbox. You also get a tool that allows you to sync you mail contacts and calendars seamlessly to outlook with the premium version so it works like exchange. You can also share contacts and calendars etc...

You can find out more at

Anyway, I am sure you are all aware of Google+. This is basically Googles version of Facebook. It's still in its infancy but has over 50 million users worldwide. Unfortunately, until today, none of those users where google apps user but now this feature can be turned on in google apps. To do this first of all log on to your google apps control panel and go to Organisation & Users then click on the services button. From there scroll down until you see the Google+ icon which should be set to off by default. Turn it to on and hey presto! You have Google+ for your domain. You can log in to google plus by going to

I hope you enjoy Google+ and Google Apps :)

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