Saturday, 23 April 2011

Thinking of using Ubuntu 11.04 Natty? Heres some help

Hello again Ubuntu adventureres!

As most of you probably know, PinguyOS is my preferred distro. BUT I will be playing with the new release of ubuntu when it is realeased along with the new unity interface. Now, I tried unity a while back when it was used in the ubuntu netbook remix and i wasnt impressed at all.

This may be because I dont really know unity and it looks different because, lets face it people, we are creatures of habbit. All of the above has spured me to give unity a second chance, so, in doing so I have been trying to find online resources to help me out.

I have to say people, my time wasnt wasted when i found Jorges Stompbox. This site is an online resource for everything unity. So if you are thinking about making the big move to Natty you should really check this site out (link below).

jorge's stompbox

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